2013 Rescue Quilt Project


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The theme for the 2013 rescue quilt is "Over the Rainbow."

It is with great pride that we present the 2013 Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue quilt. For the 2013 project, the quilters were challenged to make blocks that represent the theme of the national specialty and/or the state of Kansas. Traditional "bear paw" blocks were included in the quilt to reflect the frontier spirit of Kansas. The result is a creative, beautiful and colorful block-pieced ridgeback quilt. Our ridgebacks, many of which are rescues, inspired the designs in the quilt blocks.

The finished size of the quilt is 56 inches square (142 cm by 142 cm). Laraine Caponi completed the quilt layout and assembly. Pat Ottaway made the quilt label. Custom longarm machine quilting was completed by Donna Laing of North Star Quality Quilting, Warminster, Pennsylvania.

An ample hanging sleeve is sewn to the back of the quilt, so it is ready to be displayed on a quilting rod as a decorative wall hanging. As with every other rescue quilt, this year's quilt was made with love for all ridgebacks.

The 2013 quilt was raffled to raise funds for Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue, Inc. The winning ticket was selected at the 82nd RRCUS National Specialty Show at Topeka, Kansas, on Friday, November 1, 2013. Raffle ticket holders needed not be present to win.

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2013 Quilt
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Sue Case, 2013 Quilt Block
Charlene Weiss, 2012 Quilt Block
Sara Glasser, 2010 Quilt Block
Susan Tinch, 2009 Quilt Block
Laraine Caponi, 2007 Quilt Block
Cathleen Combs, 2006 Quilt Block
Pat Ottaway, 2005 Quilt Block

Claire Silverman, 2013 Quilt Block
Laraine Caponi, 2011 Quilt Block
Roni Rork, 2010 Quilt Block
Anne Johnson, 2008 Quilt Block
Sandy Jefferson, 2007 Quilt Block
Alison Fraser, 2006 Quilt Block


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